Green Marine is pleased to announce that it has recently made a significant 6-figure investment to breathe life into a new autoclave at its shipyard in Hythe.

The autoclave, which stands at 2.7m tall x 9.6m wide, with a working dimension of 9.5 x 2.65m, the autoclave offers 6-9Bar of pressure, 200 degrees Centigrade.


Formerly used by the British Navy, this impressive system was created to cure Naval Lynx helicopter blades, and it is now being used to create carbon composite superyacht components from high tech foils to rudders, wheels and keels.


Richard Acland, CEO of Green Marine said: “Green Marine has a reputation for being the most cutting edge high performance composite yacht builder in the world. In order to further and maintain this accolade, we must move with the times, continue to invest in our infrastructure and push for innovation.”


As well as being used on Green Marine’s high profile yacht projects, this newly commissioned autoclave is also available for use to other composite companies across the country and Europe as a whole.


Richard continues: “These investments not only benefit Green Marine and our clients, but also the wider manufacturing community, as sharing resources allows increased investment and best practice within the marine industry.”