11 September 2010 - Ran claims the Mini Maxi World Championship title at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

Congratulations to Niklas and Catherine Zennström and the team aboard Rán, on their Mini Maxi World Championship title achieved at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2010.

Rán was constructed at Green Marine in Lymington and launched in March 2009.

Rán came from behind to claim the inaugural Championship. In the second to last days race, Rán hit a rock at full speed and the keel bulb was heavily damaged. Thanks to the determination of the team and the superior construction integrity of the yacht, they managed to put the troubles of the previous day to one side. They scored two bullets on the last 2 races and stole the world championship from the series leader Alegre.

For Zennstrom the result is a dream come true after a less than simple week. “Today I am very, very proud of the team. It has been hard, we had a dreadful start on the very first day, we lost (strategist) Tim Powell through a land-based injury and then hit a rock. It has been a struggle. Before yesterday, we were behind by only one point. It went pear-shape when we hit the rock and had to pull out. We knew it was still possible to win, but only if we won both races and Alegre had two poor races. We didn’t know this morning if the keel would stay on and it was quite a lumpy sea. We made the decision that if we heard anything we would bear away quickly. Before the start we sailed upwind, hit a few big waves and thought ‘the keel is still hanging on so let’s still go for it’.”