16 DECEMBER 2015 - Green Marine Adopts Virtek Laser Systems

Green Marine Adopts Virtek Laser Systems

The renowned, UK-based high performance yacht builder Green Marine Ltd. has selected Virtek® laser projection systems to enhance its state-of-the-art composite production facility in Hythe, Southampton, England.
Virtek’s LaserEdge® 3D laser projection system, paired with Virtek LTG® (Laser Template Generator) 2D system will assist Green Marine’s skilled workforce in composite manufacturing activities called for in the creation of the high-performance racing and superyachts for which the company is famous. 
The multi-projector LaserEdge system will project into the hull molds from the high ceiling of the facility’s build boxes, enabling rapid and accurate positioning of pre-cut sheets of composite material and structural components without the need for manual measurement. Virtek programming software is part of the overall solution for Green Marine’s engineering team to create the laser projection programs for use in the build boxes.
In another area of the facility, where bulkhead components are built and cured for later assembly into the composite hulls, the Virtek LTG system will assist with direct projection of CAD drawings at full scale, onto the two-dimensional work surfaces, again eliminating the need for time-consuming manual measurement.