This week saw a year 4 class from St Denys Primary School in Southampton visit Green Marine as part of their project on the Volvo Ocean Race.

The 8 & 9 year old students have been studying in a ground-breaking way - using sailing as the basis for a plethora of lessons from Mathmatics to English.The budding young sailors followed every stage of the race and studied the new Volvo Ocean 65 yachts as part of their project which was led by their dedicated teacher , Jo Mumford.


Jo said: "To see their total engagement and focus has been incredible. It has developed their speaking and listening skills. So e of my children for whom English is not their first language, are able to communicated with other children, by taking about the boats, and this has helped them become more integrated into the class. The children absolutely loved their visit to Green Marine."

The children learned all about the VO65 yachts at Green Marine and especially loved learning about the time taken to build a performance racing yacht, and how much each boat weighed. They also visited the build boxes where the VO65s were built and saw new boats under construction.

Richard Acland, CEO of Green Marine said: "It is so important to inspire and encourage the next generation. We were delighted to welcome St Denys Primary School to Green Marine, and hope that some of them may even be future employees in years to come. Their enthusiasm and passion was infectious and all of our employees really enjoyed having these bright young people to visit us."



St Denys Primary School Year 4 learn about Green Marine boats

Future sailors, boat builders and laminators?