HND Photography student Kieran Nutt recently visited Green Marine as part of his final year project to capture the life of Southampton’s Boating industry.

Inspired by a 1920s image of Southampton docks, Kieran embarked on a journey to document the everyday lives and portraits of those involved in Southampton’s rich maritime trade.

Kieran said: “I want to capture these people as they are, like a time capsule of the Southampton boating industry, from people working on the docks to specialists such as the team at Green Marine – each person offers a unique story that I feel compelled to tell.” 

Boat Builder Ruan Blight works on a Volvo Ocean 65 steering wheel (c) Kieran Nutt


Kieran’s project is set to be displayed in the summer at a Southampton Art Gallery,  and will form part of a showcase alongside a group of HND photography students’ work.

For more information on Kieran’s journey and the exhibition dates, keep an eye on the Green Marine website.


Nick Hamner works on a component (c) Kieran Nutt